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How To Incorporate 3 D Modeling Into Developing Black Box Forex Trading Systems

How To Incorporate 3D Modeling Into Developing Black Box Forex Trading Systems


Richard Banks

Developing algorithmic trading systems can be a very profitable business strategy for those entrepreneurs who have a talent for programming and who are willing to take the time to test their trading strategies to the extent that they are confident that it will deliver results in the marketplace. Black box forex trading or algorithmic forex trading is a rapidly growing financial industry with more people and traders taking their trading strategies and programming them into software programs for automated trading, and one of the newest tools that comes with this type of forex trading platform is the ability to test your system using 3D modeling.

The most popular brand of forex trading software that has set the industry standard for automated trading systems is called Metatrader, and the newest release of Metatrader 5 comes equipped with a more robust programming language and new tools including a 3D modeling application that allows you to view and model the data from your trading system on a 3-dimensional grid. This new release of the software can allow financial programmers and traders who create and test their own trading systems to view their data and results from their trading system in a new way that can ultimately increase the accuracy and profitability of their trading system.


The first step when it comes to incorporating 3D modeling into developing an algorithmic trading system is that you need to have a trading system based on technical analysis, so you must already understand the technical indicators and have an idea for a trading system that you can use. It is also important to be familiar with the newest version of Metatrader and be able to write code in their proprietary programming language called MQL5, which differs from its predecessor language because it is more robust and object oriented.

If you have become familiar with the more commonly used version of the software which is Metatrader 4 then you should notice that there are many similarities to the interface, but the 3D modeling feature is what sets the new software apart when it comes to backtesting your algorithmic trading systems and seeing the data in a new dimension. Once you have programmed your automated trading system and rendered it into a usable file called an Expert Advisor which you can activate on your price chart, you can backtest the system and then bring up the results using the 3D modeling feature. By learning about this new aspect of creating algorithmic forex trading systems you can test your trading strategy using more robust tools in order to increase efficiency.

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