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Why Public Relations Companies Play A Large Role In The Work Of Governments}

Why public relations companies play a large role in the work of governments


Ben FoxWould you be surprised to know that governments were the first to use public relations companies? Well, ever since governments have been running, they have in some way, used public relations in order to maintain a positive and good relationship with the public. Government and parliamentary affairs is a large matter and one that forms a major part of industry sectors. It is not only just national governments, but local governments, political parties and individual politicians that depend on the work of government public relations in order to ensure their representation within the media and also within parliament is kept positive.

Government consulting firms have been around much longer than consulting firms used by businesses. In the world of politics, representation is everything and can make the difference between a politician or party becoming elected and not. A close-knit relation with key media influencers also plays a large part and it is the work of the consulting firm to ensure their client is only written about in a positive way.


Government lobbying also plays a large part in the world of government public relations. It is often described that the work of the two different parties is extremely similar, and to an extent, it is. They both work to ensure their clients are able to operate easily and efficiently within their industry. Government lobbyists work to ensure that their politician or their party is voted into power. To do this, a government lobbyist often puts in place the following tactics:

Building relationships with other key politicians – government lobbying is all about ensuring that relationships are nurtured and can be called upon when followers are needed.

Forming close relationships with the media – this is where the line between government lobbying and public relations is often classed as being very similar. The media coverage needs to be just right in order to ensure success. Focusing on public support – often lobbyists try to rally the public support over specific issues in order to gain a momentum. This can prove extremely beneficial and public support can really sway the decisions or the opinions of key influencers.

The roles of government public relations are not too dissimilar to that of a government lobbyist. However, their work is specifically more focused on the representation of the individual, government or party within the media. Ensuring press releases are circulated and covered, social media is regularly monitored, there is sufficient coverage of their client in the media and that ultimately any negative coverage is diminished.

So there you have it, the reasons why public relations play such an important role for governments, individuals and political parties, not only in the UK, but anywhere around the world. The positive representation within the public eye can make the difference between the government, individual or political party gaining success and power, or loosing out. Therefore, the world of government public relations is an extremely important one.

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