3 Easy Ways To Warm Up A Bedroom

Submitted by: Jessie Hosler

When the winter season comes, it is always great just to stay indoors and try to stay warm. However, this might not be a very simple thing to do. In order to keep your house, especially you bedroom, warm, you might have to make use of several means.

When the sun is still up, take advantage of the light and heat that it can offer. In rooms that the sun’s rays can reach, make sure that you draw the curtains and let as much light as you can. This will allow the sun to warm up the furniture items as well as the air that is inside that room. Keep your windows uncovered during the day or when there is still light coming from the sun. But, when nighttime comes and it is already dark outside, you have to make sure to close the curtains to have more insulation against the cold outside.

Another thing that you can do is to add rugs and mats on your bedroom floor. It can be daunting to step out of your bed and step on cold flooring. If you have flooring that gets really cold like the weather, you have to take this step seriously. It may be better if you can put rugs and floor covers on strategic areas in your room. Such areas will include at the side of your bed where you usually rise up from and at the foot of your bed where you may also mostly stand on.


You may likewise want to increase your insulation. Aside from the curtains, shades, or blinds that you already have, you may also introduce another layer for extra insulation. You may use blankets and other fabrics to prevent drafts from entering your room. These covers should be placed on your windows and underneath your doors.

Find heaters that can fill a part of the room with enough warmth. The heater does not have to be really big and have to warm your whole house as this can mean greater electricity consumption for you. It may already be enough if your heater can provide heat for about a few feet. Furthermore, get thermostats that will help you assess the temperature inside your bedroom. There are also programmable thermostats that will make life much easier for you.

You also have to be prepared with the clothes that you are going to wear. When you want to stay warm, you have to wear enough clothing. Go for both warm fabrics and enough materials. Use jackets, warmers, sweaters, socks, gloves, caps and a lot more if you still feel cold. But, still make sure that you remain comfortable even if you have a lot of clothing on.

And when you are on your bed, you have to use the right kinds of bed sheets and blankets. Do remember that there are blankets that can effectively keep you warm while there are also those that will not really help block the cold environment. If you want, you can get electric blankets that might be more effective in keeping you warm.

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