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How To Know If A Guy Really Loves You? Signs Your Man Truly Adores You

Men can be quite mysterious. Any woman who has spent time with a new guy will attest to this fact. Sometimes it’s impossibly hard to read a man. You think you know what he’s feeling and then suddenly he’ll do something that suggests otherwise. When it comes to knowing what’s in his heart you may just be facing a challenge. The question of how to know if a guy really loves you is one that women have been asking forever. Luckily, there are a few signs that do indicate when a man is crazy in love and once you know what you need to look for, you can find comfort in knowing that you’re the only woman he craves and desires.

One answer to the question of how to know if a guy really loves you is he’ll constantly push you to spend time with him. A man in love wants nothing more than to be with the woman he adores. He’ll move his schedule around, he’ll drive across town and he’ll linger until the very last minute if he’s crazy about you. If you’re with a man who rarely makes the time to see you, his heart doesn’t belong to you quite yet.


Another of the signs your man can’t get enough of you is he’ll actually call you and will immediately return your missed calls. Most of us have struggled with understanding what phone calls mean but the rules are fairly straightforward. If you never hear from him unless you pick up the phone to call him, he’s nowhere near being desperately in love with you yet. The same is true if he doesn’t return your messages. He hasn’t put you near the top of his priority list yet. A man in love will call his woman several times each day just to hear her voice and he’ll never want the calls to end.

Have you had the opportunity to meet the other important people in his life yet? This is actually a great way to gauge how much you mean to a man. Men tend to be a little standoffish when it comes to immersing their new girlfriends in their inner circle. They don’t rush to introduce a new woman to their friends and family simply because they’re unsure about whether the relationship is actually going to last. That’s why it’s so telling if your guy has already brought you home to meet his family and you also hang out with his friends. He sees you as an integral part of his life in this case and he wants the people that matter most to him to know you as well.

It’s also wise to pay close attention to his body language. If you want to know if a guy really loves you take note of how often he tries to hold your hand or he reaches out to kiss you. A man in love generally can’t keep his hands off the woman he’s crazy about. Even though some men aren’t comfortable with public displays of affection that typically changes behind closed doors. If he wants to be close physically with you take that as a reflection of what he feels in his heart.

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