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Professional Personal Assistants for Homes



Those who visit New York City frequently in connection with their business or any other activity or those who have an apartment in the city require the service of somebody in order to take care of their day-to-day requirements. The personal assistant, New York will be helpful to such people in all the activities such as maintaining the apartment, carry out the repairs and renovations, arranging various entertainments and appointments, making arrangements for travel inside the US as well as abroad and taking care of the house in the absence of the house owner etc. There are numerous service providers in New York who provide this type of domestic staff to their clients. They always provide the ideal candidate who will be well trained and able to meet the requirements of the person who needs his service. Though these domestic employees are highly professional, they also develop intimacy with their employer. The celebrities, doctors, lawyers and leading businessmen often require the services of a professional to attend their phones, fix the appointments, meet their urgent requirements of coffee, medicines, transport etc.

Personnel assistant, New York is generally a full-time job and the persons opting for this position must be flexible to work overtime also. They are entitled for two holidays in a week and the remuneration package also is quite attractive. Their nature of job depends upon the occupation of their principals and their requirements. They will be required to handle both business and personal matters of the principals. They have to arrange events, social gatherings, dinners and personal visits etc. They have to supervise and co-ordinate with other domestic staff. They have to monitor the domestic expenses and give periodic statements to the principals. Sometimes, they are required to act as gate keepers also. Those who work under leading businessmen or industrialists will have to book flight tickets and make arrangement for the travel of their principals.


The well educated and experienced staff will be asked to take care of correspondence also. They may have to draft mails and attend visitors and telephone calls. They have to go for shopping also and special or urgent requirements of their principals are to be met. The candidates for these positions are expected to have good communication skills and must be able to work independently. They must possess organizing skills and should have working knowledge of computers. Those who have professional approach, flexibility and willingness to work hard in a domestic atmosphere can easily prosper in this job. The candidate should have a degree.

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