Common Promotional Gift Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Submitted by: Justin Bregar

While it may seem easy to give out promotional gifts to your clients, there is much more involved in the process than picking an item and sending it out to potential and existing customers. By making some of the following common mistakes, you may end up spending more than you wanted to or completely failing to see any increase in new or existing business. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid as well as tips that you can use to do so.

Missing an opportunity to use promotional gifts

Many companies miss great opportunities to hand out promotional gifts. They may think that they can only hand them out at specific times of the year or may be saving them for upcoming trade shows or conventions. While it can be a great opportunity to hand out gifts at these times of the year, there are other times that the use of promotional gifts can really help to increase a company s visibility or profile.


One of the best times to use promotional gifts is when you are introducing a new product or service. By handing out gifts that are related to your company or to the new product or service you can build anticipation for that product s launch or create a lasting impression connected to that product in the minds of your customers.

Choosing the wrong items to hand out

There are many companies that choose the wrong items for their campaigns. They may pick items that are not trendy or classic because they are not willing to spend time browsing websites. They may also pick an item that is appealing simply because of its cost. Choosing cheap items or poor-quality items may actually create a negative impression.

If it is an impractical item there is a good chance that it will not get used. There have been many cases where people have simply placed promotional items up on a shelf or in a closet and have simply allowed them to gather dust. This can be a huge problem since an item that is sitting on a shelf will do nothing to promote your company.

Failing to proofread or double check personalized areas

Most promotional gifts will have a personalized area. That area may be printed with a logo, your company s contact information or its name. There have been many cases in the past that someone typed out information and did so incorrectly. You want to check key areas such as the company name, the phone number, and any web address that also appears. The last thing you want is for your customers to be unable to contact you after they have received your promotional gift item.

By avoiding the mistakes listed above you can take important steps to ensure that you avoid making the same mistake that many others have. You can feel confident that you are making the right choices for your company and that your promotional gift campaign will go a long way towards increasing your business in the way you hope it will.

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