Know How To Apply Perfume Correctly

Submitted by: Jarmila Townsend

Do you know that 80% percent of people have no idea regarding the correct method to apply perfume? Whether it is quantity or correct application, here are a few tips and tricks by the connoisseurs of the trade to help you get the best out of your bottle.

The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower. Not only does the smell last much longer, the clean and freshly washed body absorbs the fragrance better without diluting the notes. Keep in mind that your perfume would mingle with scented body lotions and moisturizer and unless you like the mix scent, use unscented lotions.

Dousing yourself in perfume can be irritatingly over powerful and leave you with a headache. For day wear, opt for a couple of sprays at the right places, which is honestly enough and you can either settle for a much stronger perfume or go for a spray or two more for evening or occasion wear.

Apart from the occasion, another factor that the quantity of perfume to be applied depends upon, is the skin type. It has been reported that people who have a dry skin type do not retain fragrance longer, as compared to those with oily skin. Oils secreted by the body mix with the oil concentration of the perfume slowing down the process of evaporation.

The pulse points on the body are areas where the blood vessels are much closer to the epidermis (surface layer of the skin). These points make for the best places to spritz perfume as they emanate heat and the perfume after reacting with this heat would keep being emitted throughout the day. Additionally, you can smear a bit of Vaseline and then spray so that the scent gets a medium to cling on to and lasts longer. The pulse points are:


? Inner Wrist

? Throat

? Neckline

? The area immediately behind the ear lobe

? Cleavage

? Inner elbow

If you are keen on putting perfume onto hair, do so on freshly washed hair so that it reacts with natural hair oil rather than hair serums. Also, apply perfume before dressing up so that it does not get rubbed off when you put on clothes as some brands might stain your clothes or react with accessories if you directly spray on these.

If your favorite fragrance does not smell the same over a period of time, it s time to get a new bottle. When the top notes starts to fade, you can say your perfume has seen better days.

P.S. Have you ever tried to walk through the perfume mist ? No? So here we are, this is my special hint for a special occasion: Freshly showered, before you get completely dressed, spray your favourite perfume just in front of you and quickly walk through the mist cloud. You will feel how the miniature droplets of perfume cling to your skin.

Advise 1: Do not spray it too high above your head it is not pleasant to get perfume on your face or in your eyes.

Advise 2: After you spray it do not go sunbathing either some perfumes may leave difficult to remove stains on one s skin.

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