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Public Speaking: How To Structure Your Signature Talk

Public Speaking: How To Structure Your Signature Talk


Fabienne Fredrickson

Public speaking is one of my strongest strategies for client attraction. There is nothing like connecting with people in person and giving them a sample of what you have to offer.

You may wonder what to talk about and how you should structure the presentation. Let me tell you what I did that worked so well for me with public speaking.

1. Start with your compelling story. I started by saying, \”I want to take you back to 1999\”. I tell the audience my whole compelling story so they know what I went through and can relate to me.


2. Tell people the result of your compelling story. I explained that I dedicated the rest of my professional life to helping people attract clients. This helps the audience know exactly what I am all about.

3. Spell out what you will share during your speech. Tell people what they will be listening to. I used to say, \”I am going to share the 10 steps of the Client Attraction System. Step on is, step two is…\” This lets people know what is coming so they know exactly what you are going to share.

4. Weave in client examples. Share stories of how you helped other people overcome their struggles. These examples help the audience relate personally to what you are talking about. Plus, the client stories may include people who had some of the same problems listeners want to resolve.

5. End by talking about working with you. This is exactly what I said that worked so well at the end of every public speaking event. \”I just shared everything you need. Some of you will go ahead and make things happen. Some of you will want to work with me directly to make things happen faster and get your questions answered. Either way, don\’t let this be \’shelf-help.\’ Do something about this and if I can be of help, please come talk to me now. I\’m very accessible. Let\’s set up a conversation for tomorrow to see if I can help.\”

Every time I conducted my signature talk with this structure and finished up with this powerful ending, I\’d get three to five people coming up to me, depending on how large the room was. And I\’d pick up a few new clients every time. I\’m sure public speaking, using this structure to craft your signature talk, will work for you too.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Have you written your compelling story yet? Start by thinking about what has brought you to do this work. Think about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Share the results and how you feel today having gone through this. Recap what you have achieved and why you do the work you do. Express the emotions to connect with people about the experience to make it compelling.

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