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What Do Piling Contractors Do?}

Submitted by: John Schofield

Perhaps now that you want to build a bigger home or want to improve your present office building, you will surely need somebody to help you do so. For sure, you will need some construction engineers, masons, carpenters, steel workers, and concrete specialists. But probably you do not know that there are some significant people you really need before you require all these people apart from those mentioned, to work on your construction. These people are the piling contractors. So called because of the kind of job they do, piling contractors are the people who are experts in making a buildings foundations, beams, base foundations, and other structures that are required before the structure is set.

Piling jobs are not easy jobs. These are actually groundwork that needs important measurements and calculations by professionals who erect foundations for the whole structure. If piling works are not perfect, any building will likely to collapse once a strong earthquake occurs. That is why it can be very costly to set up quality foundations because you need the best piling contractors for this job. Your property and the lives of the people who will occupy your building are always at stake if you opt for contractors that are not professional.


Maybe as the owner of the building you do not know what piling means in the construction business so as an orientation about piling works better read on this. Piling is a technique that is used by piling contractors in setting up solid foundations for structures such as giant establishments, tall buildings building, tall structures and any building that would be huge in its built. The piling contractors will drive their back hoe and bulldozers into the ground to make large hole for the foundations. Piles of wood will be driven and embedded on some points of the hole to form enclosures for the concrete. This will be followed by the laying of steel and the pouring of concrete to form foundations. This process is called the laying of the foundations.

It sounds so simple, doesnt it? But it is not as simple as it seems because before the piling contractors do all those things there are so many factors that they must consider first. They have to calculate the size, capacity and scope of the project before doing anything. They also have to check on the condition of the soil even digging deeply into the soil to know the condition of the ground underneath. They also have to consider the space required for rigging before the piling process starts. Piling contractors always rely on deep foundation and if there is the need for improvement of the present piling, they transfer the load of the structure to the deeper, stronger layer of the ground so that the foundations can have a high bearing capacity and will be very sturdy to carry the load and support the whole structure.

Piling contractors always have the usual materials with them. These are composed of wood, steel, concrete, steel-precast, concreted piles, steel sheet piles, timber piles, columns, and so on. However, not only the piling contractors do all the work. Alongside them are the geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, area contractors, site fitters and foremen. Every one of them including the construction workers will be doing their individual job just to build a strong building. There would be lots of planning, designing, streamlining, digging, piling and everything that is within the construction field. Now that you know what piling contractors do, maybe its time to appreciate their contribution to where you are now. Just remember that they keep us safe while we are inside the structures they helped to create.

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