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Yiwu To Create A Global Export Base For Automotive Supplies Parts

By Lanbo Jiang

China Auto Parts Group is the leading domestic auto parts enterprises in the country has more than 10 production bases. The company on March 1 this year, signed with the Yiwu “Yiwu City Auto Parts Industry Development Strategic Planning” cooperation agreement.

This project by the provincial government attach great importance to be listed as Zhejiang Province and National Machinery Industry Cooperation Group of the “provincial level strategic cooperation” important project, planning a total investment of 3.5 billion. The representatives of each company to Yiwu, have the professional street to the car to understand the situation.

China’s auto parts group hopes to use the advantages of global radiation Yiwu market, plans to spend 3 to 5 years, Yiwu has targeted auto parts sales training platform for Yiwu, the world auto parts, service and create favorable conditions for the world and gradually will be developed into a wide-ranging implications, Yiwu, China automobile parts sales and logistics hub. This year, the senior frequently visit Yiwu and Yiwu to set up auto parts in the industrial base to do further study the issue.


Automobile article special street Yiwu, Yiwu market advantage using has been famous in the primary and secondary domestic counterparts. According to Automotive Products Association Yiwu stakeholders introduced large-scale development in the automotive after sales market, car market after becoming a new economic growth point, the scale of their consumption is 4 times the car sales market. The automotive supplies in a large part of the automotive department store boutique, including car seats, seat cover, cushion, perfumes, jewelry, and other plush.

These products are also belong to the commodity category, and many consumer goods as long as the right to make some product line extensions, we can enter the field of automotive products, such as the development of household cushion can be extended such as car cushion. This extension is necessary to upgrade the industrial structure, Yiwu Small Commodity is the largest auto industry development trend.

Currently, the domestic auto accessories market center has gradually shifted northward to the Yangtze River from Guangzhou area, but local consumption is still mainly the Yangtze River Delta, the national market, the characteristics of radiation is not obvious. Yiwu timely intervention can be the first to occupy the market.

At present, Yiwu has cooperation with China on auto parts group the height of industrial transformation and upgrading to look. Yiwu Economic and Trade Bureau official said, Yiwu economic development, in addition to further promote market development, the need for more robust support of industry to do, which need to optimize the structure of large industries such as automotive industry needs to carry, to string together related businesses to do a long chain, so as to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Automotive industry is a very long chain industry, well that can play a role in optimizing the allocation of resources.

Currently, the two sides still do all the work, ready to come up with a preliminary program and further determine the main direction of the concrete. But one thing is certain, Yiwu and its surrounding areas have a high concentration of automotive products industry, expanding the international market has unique advantages that will attract large source of automotive products manufacturer gather.

This will form a cluster-based real factory wholesale, retailers will be other parts to Yiwu purchase, Yiwu will become the ultimate source of automotive supplies market. With a good business, logistics conditions, the establishment of a global auto parts supplies Yiwu industrial base can achieve the goal.

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