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Dave Taylor

Many time management systems exist to assist those people who feel that their lives are overwhelmed with too much to do. Having too many things to remember or too many tasks to complete is a major source of stress in the workforce. Time management systems instruct people on ways to organize their concerns and cut down on time wasted by worrying about remembering things. Some of these systems are more popular than others.

One time management system that is very popular is Stephen Covey\’s book \”The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People\”. This book was first published in 1989, and is 372 pages long.It has sold more than 25 million copies in 15 years, and is available in 38 languages.

Covey\’s time management system centers around mastering seven key areas. These concepts focus on ideas such as taking responsibility for the things that happen in your life, concentrating on the final product as you imagined it, and acting cooperatively. Covey\’s system encourages creativity, imagination and understanding be mixed with organization and prioritizing in order to allot the most effort to the more important tasks. Taking care of all aspects of your life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, is also a large part of Covey\’s time management system.


Another popular time management system is David Allen\’s \”Getting Things Done\”. Allen\’s book was first published in 2001, and is 267 pages long. It has been on the national best-seller list for years. A series of articles closely related to the book\’s topic can be downloaded free at Allen\’s professional website.

Allen\’s time management system focuses on organization. He covers not trusting your mind to remember things, as important tasks are often forgotten and valuable time is wasted trying to remember them. Allen encourages writing everything down, and then prioritizing and keeping track of all you\’ve written down. His time management system centers around the organization of these written ideas, and advocates a weekly review system to re-prioritize any remaining tasks as needed.

A third popular time management system is Julie Morganstern\’s \”Time Management From the Inside Out\”. This book was first published in 2000, and is 304 pages long. It has long been on the best-seller list.

Morganstern\’s time management system focuses on the three-step process of analyze, strategize, and attack. She encourages tackling the ideas that need doing in much the same way that one would in a messy room. Morganstern\’s time management system centers on the processes of sorting, discarding, and arranging ideas by their priority.

These three time management systems are only a few of the hundreds that exist. While different systems work for different people, each system offers solid foundations for managing time. The key to effective time management is to remember to put those skills you have learned into practice, rather than allowing the skills to become an additional means of wasting time. Whatever time management system you choose, you should be careful to not let the system itself become dreaded and procrastinated additional work.

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