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What Are The Production Lines For Oil Casing Pipes?

The main process ofcasing pipeproduction line mainly consists of: descaling machine, flaw detector, pipe threading machine, screwing machine, hydraulic press, diameter machine, steel pipe high pressure fog spray paint machine, automatic length measuring, spray marking, packing equipment.

1. Descaling machine: divided into two methods: steel brush rust removal and shot blasting, the main function is to treat the surface oxide scale of the raw material pipe;

2. Flaw Detector: It is divided into two common methods: eddy current testing and ultrasonic testing. The main function is to detect the pipe material and check whether the pipe meets the production requirements.

3. Pipe threading machine: Pipe thread CNC lathe is mainly responsible for the processing of pipe thread. Common buckle types are: short round buckle and long round buckle and special buckle;

4. Screwing machine: It is divided into two types: the planetary clamping type and the inner curved surface clamping. The main purpose is to tighten the coupling after the pipe thread processing to protect the thread;

5. Hydraulic press: It is mainly to carry out water pressure test on the pipe body to check whether the steel pipe meets the production requirements;

6. Path machine: mainly to check whether the inside of the steel pipe is smooth;

7. Steel pipe high pressure fog spray paint machine: mainly after the pipe is finished, prevent the pipe from rusting in the outdoor and transportation process, and carry out automatic anti-corrosion spraying on the surface of the professional equipment;

8. Steel pipe length measurement: The main purpose is to automatically measure the pipe number, furnace batch number, length, weight and other data, and then print the content onto the pipe surface to facilitate the use of the unit for identification;

9. Marking machine: professional equipment for printing the pipe body mark;10. Packing: Bundling and discharging the finished pipe.