What Skills To Expect From A Plumber

byAlma Abell

Regardless of where you live, if you need a plumber in Gainesville, GA or any of the surrounding area, there is no doubt your problem’s are the same and the solutions are the same. The solution of course is a plumber. There are simple jobs that can be done by the handyman, things like a plugged drain that can be relieved with a plunger or replacing the washer in a faucet, but for anything more complex, it really is suggested that a plumber be called in. The plumber not only has the skills to fix the problem, he has the knowledge to determine the problem in the first place and the proper tools to get the job done.

The skills of a plumber in Gainesville, GA

Becoming a master plumber is a long process. The stages are apprenticeship, journeyman and final l, master. A master plumber will be licensed by the state in which he resides and works. The skills needed by a plumber, not only during his training, but for the duration of his career are:


* Reading: a plumber is expected to know a great deal about plumbing codes, installation procedures for various systems, health and safety awareness and suppliers brochures. The science of water is also important as water with different properties has different effects on materials used.

* Use of documents: The ability to maintain daily notes and logs on the job progress, the study and understanding of drawings to find municipal connections for water sources and to identify and find existing piping and sewage installations.

* Numeracy: is important. The gauges and manufacturers standards and instructions must be followed, measuring and locating pipe connection positions, job estimates, adjusting work schedules, preparing daily work orders and invoices and calculating angles based on the pipe fitting being used.

* Oral communication: to talk to suppliers, communicate with other trades on a major site; communicate with the boss to receive assignments and talks with customers is all demands that the plumber must meet.

* Working with others: participate in discussions about work processes; demonstrate tasks to other workers, co-ordinate tasks on a multi-discipline work site and co-ordinate with customers.

* Thinking: to decide on priorities, clarification of issues with others, identify and rectify repairs often done by inexperienced homeowners and plan work schedules.

Continuous learning is very important to a plumber. In the trade there are always new materials, components and processes that the serious master plumber and his apprentices and journeymen will have to stay abreast of. It is a dynamic trade and to stay current is to stay employed.

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