Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains

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A homeowner who just moved into a new home or who has renovated it may also be considering changing the windows. This may involve a decision between the blinds and the curtains. This decision may be a bit difficult to do, but there are certain advantages in using blinds that you cannot get from curtains.

Easy to Clean

If you clean curtains, you need to remove them from the window and get them to the washing machine. Since they are too bulky to be placed in the dryer, you still need to find a spot to hang and dry them without ruining the fabric. This is obviously a hassle process, which is opposite to cleaning blinds. You only need to dust them off with a rag, dusting cloth or vacuum cleaner. For vinyl or plastic slats, they can be washed and soaked in a tub with warm water quite easily. Cleaning the curtains is still more of a hassle.


Curtains are not ideal for homes with pets. Cats and dogs are particularly playful with anything that moves or sways. They might keep on playing and clawing the curtains with their teeth and claws, resulting to ruined fabric. Curtains also present danger to your pets because they might get entangled while playing. On the other hand, pets may have a hard time of reaching the window blinds, especially if you are using verticals. Moreover, you can easily replace a damaged slat or a broken cord. The replacement process is quite simple so you can do it alone without calling a professional.


Reduces Allergens

Curtains can easily become homes or nesting grounds of animal dander or dust mites, which can easily trigger allergies in the people living at your home. This is especially dangerous if you have kids or older people at home or when you have someone with asthma, a serious condition. Since window blinds are easier to clean, you can prevent the growth of allergens at home.

Looks Modern

Curtains are more traditional than the use of window blinds. If you want your home to look neat and modern, the blinds are the solution to this. They might appear simple but they still look attractive.

Light Control

Curtains are good at keeping the light out but if you want more light, a problem arises because curtains still block light even when they are kept to the sides. Window blinds can give a room a lighter and brighter atmosphere if you want to flood the room with more light. They are also good at blocking off light by closing the slats.

Easy to Use

Curtains are sometimes hard to close or open. Your kids may not even be able to manage them. On the other hand, window blinds are simple operated with a movement of the wrist to close or open them.

Good Ventilation

Curtains usually absorb all the odours that pass through your home. If you keep your curtains closed, the entire house will still smell like the foods that you had for dinner the other night. Plastic window blinds keep off odours from their material.


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